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Posted by Nicole
06 April, 2013
Adoring Emilia Clarke New Layout2 comment

Adoring Emilia Clarke v 5.0

Hello everyone and welcome to the fifth version of Adoring Emilia Clarke! For this new version I’ve used the photoshoot the Game of Thrones cast did for the Rolling Stones last year, one of my favorite of them!

Together with the new version I’ve updated the Through the Years and Previous Layouts pages and added some new link us buttons. Also, I will update the biography very soon.

Hope you’ll like this new theme, and stay tuned ’cause new updates are coming very soon!

2 Responses to “Adoring Emilia Clarke version 5.0!”
  1. kiana Says:

    Well it was a good timing with the new layout (it’s so fresh & vernal), although it’s not objective — I personally love that photoshoot but not liking Kit H. AT ALL. So yeah, I’m visiting this site for Emilia, and now everytime I’m here Isee him as well. Not so fascinating;/

  2. Claudia Says:

    So you wouldn’t be visiting my Lena fansite as well? This is, if possible, the most stupid comment I’ve ever read. You are supposed to visit the fansite for the content mainly, the layout is just the wrap around it all. You can enjoy it or not, can be nice and good looking or not, but I believe that the content is the real deal of all, isn’t it?

    I absolutely love it. Her shoot with Kit is so sweet.

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