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Posted by Nicole
13 October, 2012
Icons Multimedia3 comment

Added some new icons in our icons archive! Some are made by me, and some by Kayla. Feel free to use them and if you want, credit Adoring Emilia Clarke :)

Icons > TV Series: Game of Thrones [+3]
Icons > Photoshoots [+10]
Icons > Public Appearances [+8]

Posted by Isabelle
02 March, 2012
Game Of Thrones Graphic Updates Icons0 Comments

Hello netters! As promised earlier today, I have another update for you all today. I know many of you miss seeing Emilia as Daenerys on your screens every week, and are desperate for April and season 2 to come – so am I! Therefore, I decided to put togheter a massive Game of Thrones icons update to help with your withdrawels. I tried out some new colorings (quite bright ones this time), and I hope you’ll like ’em!

Stay tuned here at Adoring for many more updates this weekend, including more icons and other types of graphics. I’ll also work on our information section, which majorly needs to be updated! We’ll also have a surprise up for you sometime soon, which I think you’re all going to l-o-v-e. ;)

Posted by Mette
07 July, 2011
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Hi everyone! As Isabelle have said in the previous post below there aren’t alot of Emilia news or photos atm, that’s why I have added 14 new icons from the first episode of Game of Thrones! Be sure to check them out and feel free to use them! :)

You can find them all by clicking on TV Series: Game of Thrones – Episode 1!

First up, as the third update here at Adoring today, I have updated pretty much all the pages in our Style files! This includes photos from all of Emilia’s latest outfits, close-ups of her make-up from various events, adds to the accessories page and more. Make sure you check it all out if you’re a fan of Emilia’s style! I will soon start the “copy Em’s…” make-up and outfits pages, with guides and more.

I have also added 20 new icons to our “Game of thrones” album in our icon archives. Most of these has a pretty hard coloring, but I thought it fit the photos pretty well! I will try to make some simpler ones for you who prefer that soon. Feedback is highly appriciated – I would really love to hear your thoughts! Expect a lot more “Game of Thrones” releated updates the next days, as we celebrate the very successful season 1…


Posted by Mette
10 June, 2011
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Hi Emilia fans! Today I have added five new icons into the photoshoots category, I know it’s not much, but more will be added!