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A beautiful new outtake from the Entertainment Weekly Game of Thrones season 5 promotional shoot have been added to the gallery! Check it below:

Updated the gallery adding HD scans from the February issue of Best Movie (Italy) thanks to Claudia, a new promotional image from Game of Thrones Season 3 thanks to Far Far Away and a new Voice from the Stone behind the scene pic. Enjoy!

Posted by Nicole
21 November, 2014
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Added in the gallery, additional outtakes from the EW Game of Thrones promotional shoots from seasons 1-2-3. Also replaced the ones already up with larger quality. Enjoy!

Game of Thrones > Season 1 (2011) > EW Promotional Shoot [+3]
Game of Thrones > Season 2 (2012) > EW Promotional Shoot [+2 replaced the others]
Game of Thrones > Season 3 (2013) > EW Promotional Shoot [+1 replaced the others]

Added in the gallery a couple of new production stills from Game of Thrones 4×07 Mockingbird (thanks to Far Far Away, be sure to visit the site for more!) and a new promotional image from Season 4 (or Season 3, to be honest I’m not quite sure!) with big big thanks to Renee!

Game of Thrones > Season 4 (2014) > Promotional Images [+1]
Game of Thrones > Season 4 (2014) > Episode Stills > 4×07 – Mockingbird [+2]

Added in the gallery, some new photos of Emilia at the MET Gala (some with her co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau!), additional outtakes from the promotion of Breakfast at Tiffany’s and some with the cast of the play!

Gallery Links:
Public Appearances > 2013 Appearances > May 06: “PUNK: Chaos To Couture” Costume Institute Gala [+7]
Theatre > 2013: Breakfast at Tiffany’s > The Cast [+2]
Theatre > 2013: Breakfast at Tiffany’s > Promotional Pictures [+14]

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