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THE NEW PAPER – She has captured the hearts of countless fanboys as Daenerys Targaryen, the fearless, merciful queen who inspires devotion in her subjects and commands armies and dragons alike, in the hit TV series Game of Thrones.

Yet, in real life, British actress Emilia Clarke claims she hasn’t encountered any of them – not even suitors.

During a sit-down interview with M at The London West Hollywood hotel back in March, the 28-year-old, who is currently single, appeared amused when asked about her male fans all over the world.

The bubbly and vivacious wide-eyed beauty said: “People always say this to me, but I’m like, ‘Where are they?’.” She broke into loud laughter before continuing: “Any attractive ones? 701 is my room number.”

Clarke’s popularity is set to soar with her first big movie lead role of Sarah Connor in Terminator Genisys, which opens here on June 25.

Dressed in a chiffon top and a midi skirt and flaunting a head full of luscious brunette locks, Clarke looked nothing like the platinum blonde “Mother of Dragons” that viewers are used to seeing on their small screens. In person, the petite 1.57m star is animated and chatty and comes across as a friendly girl next door. And that disparity in her appearance on and off the screen is something she is thankful for.

Clarke said: “I am very lucky that I look different from my character, so I don’t get stopped very much, which is brilliant. I still live in a quiet area of London.” She added jokingly: “I am just hiding, hiding in a pub in London.”

Even though Game Of Thrones continues to attract a wide international fan base and record-breaking viewership since it premiered in 2011, Clarke still feels amazed when other celebrities tell her that they watch the show.

“(US actor) Channing Tatum came up to me and told me he is a fan of Game Of Thrones. That was a big moment,” she said. “I was like, ‘Excuse me for a moment while I pass out, oh my God.’ It’s like, ‘What the… You know my name? That’s amazing.”

She talks to M about taking on the iconic role in the fifth instalment of the Terminator series, working with Arnold Schwarzenegger and how she feels when netizens think her bum looks “too big” in Game of Thrones. (source)

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Thanks to Far Far Away, new production stills from Game of Thrones Season 5 episodes 9 – The Dance of Dragons and 10 – Mother’s Mercy, have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Game of Thrones > Season 5 (2015) > Episode Stills > 5×09 – The Dance of Dragons [+6]
Game of Thrones > Season 5 (2015) > Episode Stills > 5×10 – Mother’s Mercy [+5]
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Sarah, Kyle, and the Guardian battle the T-3000 on the Golden Gate Bridge.

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Below you can find the Terminator Genisys Press Tour Schedule, or at least, what we know so far. There will probably be some events in London and other major cities but, no news on that yet.

June 19th: Premiere in Paris (France), appearance on the French talk show Le Grand Journal. Also, The Graham Norton Show episode with Emilia will air that night.

June 21st: Premiere in Berlin (Germany).

June 28th: Premiere in Los Angeles (and probably, press conference).

July 1st – July 2nd: Press Conference and Premiere in Seoul (South Korea).

Thanks to Emilia Clarke Resource for helping with some dates and events.

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HD screencaps and a new production still from yesterday’s episode (season finale) of Game of Thrones Mother’s Mercy have now been added to the gallery. Enjoy!

Game of Thrones > Season 5 (2015) > Episode Screencaptures > 5×10 – Mother’s Mercy [+165]
Game of Thrones > Season 5 (2015) > Episode Stills > 5×10 – Mother’s Mercy [+1]
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Emilia and Sam Claflin have been spotted, again, filming Me Before You on a beach in Mallorca (Spain) last Friday (June 12). Several pics from the set have now been added to the gallery, enjoy:

Film Productions > 2015 : Me Before You > June 12, 2015 – On Set (Mallorca, Spain) [+24]