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Emilia is on the cover of the April issue of Flare Magazine, together with a new editorial and interview! Check a preview below:

“The whole of season four is dark and really emotional. If you asked any of the actors about this season, they’d say, ‘Oh no, my character’s got the best arc.’”

ON THE MISLEADING NATURE OF RED-CARPET GALLERIES: “There are no captions on red-carpet photos that say, ‘This girl trained for two weeks, she went on a juice diet, she has a professional hair and makeup person, and this dress was made for her.’ I just wish they’d say, ‘It ain’t the truth.’”

ON HER VERY EMBARRASSING GAME OF THRONES AUDITION MOMENT: “I get there, and I’m all dressed up to the nines, wearing a nice outfit with heels. I walk into an auditorium that’s got 50 people from HBO. I’m nervous like you wouldn’t believe. I had a Diet Coke right before I walked in, so I was buzzing. I said hello to each of the 50 people individually and walked down the steps, then fell over walking down.”

ON THE ONE THING SCARIER THAN ALL THAT NUDITY: “The aftermath was the thing that was harder to deal with. Going in to do my first press junket, that’s a hell of a lot scarier than being naked up on TV!”

ON WHAT SHE LEARNED FROM HER STINT ON BROADWAY IN BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S: “I learned more doing Breakfast at Tiffany’s than I did during three years at drama school. Hearing the audience say something ridiculous—‘That’s not Khaleesi!’—and still getting back onstage … It strengthens you.”

ON LANDING THE ROLE OF A LIFETIME: “After my last audition for Game of Thrones, they said, ‘Congratulations, princess.’ I was like, ‘Bye-bye, call centre.’”

ON HER IDYLLIC CHILDHOOD: “One of the first houses we lived in was like out of a fairy story. We had a stream that ran through our garden, and we played with the ducks—we locked them in my mum’s office and they pooed everywhere. It was crazy, picking blackberries and mushrooms, rabbits running through your legs.”

On HER NEW BLOCKBUSTER ROLE IN TERMINATOR: “This is the most physical transformation I’ve ever done. But I haven’t done anything before this—I’ve done Game of Thrones and that’s about it. With Dany, it’s all CGI dragons, so not much training is needed.”

ON SIGNING UP FOR A MASSIVE FRANCHISE: ““Definitely, attention equals pressure, but everything, everything is still so new to me that I’m enjoying jumping on this bandwagon early and seeing how I respond to it. If you spend too much time wondering what you’re going to feel like in year five, you’re not going to feel anything in year one.”

ON HER CHILDHOOD ACTING EXPERIENCE: “My dad took me for an audition once, to show me, ‘OK, you want to be a child actor, this is what it’s like.’ I sang a folk song about donkeys on this West End stage with this big director, and there was a queue of 200 girls all singing ‘Memory.’ I was terrible. Terrible.”


The magazine is going to be on the newsstand date from March 17! Also be sure to check Flare.COM!

March 03, 2014  Nicole New Event Photo Gallery Public Appearances

Emilia Clarke is gorgeous in a bold black dress while attending the Vanity Fair Oscars Party after the 2014 Oscars yesterday (March 02) in West Hollywood. She was wearing a Balenciaga dress, Chanel jewelry, Lee Savage clutch, and Roger Vivier shoes. (source)

Several photos from the event have been added to the gallery, with big thanks to Luciana for her help! Also added some more pics from the Chanel And Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Dinner.

Public Appearances > 2014 Appearances > March 02: 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party [+151]
Public Appearances > 2014 Appearances > March 02: 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party – Inside [+6]
Public Appearances > 2014 Appearances > March 01: Chanel And Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Dinner [+9]

Emilia “Khaleesi” Clarke
Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke has some survival instincts. Reigning as Queen Khaleesi and not being killed in the hit HBO show is proof of that. The final episode of the last series was the most pirated show of 2013. For Clarke, it was evidence that television is better than it’s ever been: “Get on the TV bandwagon, it will pay dividends.” But her next career move will be to take on the big screen. Her foe? The Terminator.

Read the VS Magazine interview with Emilia at their site, and check the beautiful editorial in our gallery!

Photoshoots > Session #037 [+2]
Magazine Scans > 2014 – VS Magazine Spring/Summer [+9]

Emilia Clarke looks beautiful while walking the red carpet at the 2014 Screen Actors Guild Awards held at the Shrine Auditorium on Saturday (January 18) in Los Angeles. She was wearing a custom Calvin Klein Collection dress, Roger Vivier shoes, a Rauwolf bag, and a Pomellato ring and bracelet. (source)

Several photos from the event have been added to the gallery, with big thanks to Annie, Helen, Luciana and Claudia for their help!

Public Appearances > 2014 Appearances > January 18: 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards [+108]
Public Appearances > 2014 Appearances > January 18: 20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards – After Party [+1]

Also check this funny video of Emilia and Jared Leto!

Leto, who is dominating the awards season for his transformative performance as Rayon in the Oscar-nominated film, interrupted Giuliana Rancic’s interview with Game of Thrones beauty Emilia Clarke to give the Khaleesi a big ol’ hug. After a quick introduction, things got real cute between the two.
“I haven’t seen your show but I know people are obsessed with it and say it’s absolutely amazing,” Leto gushed to her. “See, I know your band and I’ve seen your movie,” one-upped Clarke. After the sweet exchange, G said goodbye to Clarke to get some one-on-one time with Leto, but the 30 Seconds to Mars front man wasn’t letting her go anywhere. “I haven’t finished here! There’s work yet to be done,” he said while still maintaining a grip on the GoT star. “Have you looked into her eyes? I mean, they’re absolutely insane.”
That comment got Clarke turning real pink in the cheeks. “I’m blushing!” she laughed while bashfully looking away from the cameras. (source)

January 15, 2014  Nicole Awards & Nominations Videos: Interviews

On January 10, 2014, artists and executives from the communities of film and television honored the creative teams from the most outstanding films and television programs of 2013. They came to celebrate the art form in an atmosphere where everyone was a winner. In this video, GAME OF THRONES stars Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke, and Kit Harington tell us what they hope audiences remember from their show in 2013.

Emilia attended the Tory Burch Rodeo Drive Flagship Opening at Tory Burch yesterday (January 14) in Beverly Hills. Added few pics from the event in the gallery, thanks to Claudia. Also a few more from the Golden Globes have been added as well!

Public Appearances > 2014 Appearances > January 14: Tory Burch Rodeo Drive Flagship Opening [+5]
Public Appearances > 2014 Appearances > January 12: 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards – Ceremony [+1]
Public Appearances > 2014 Appearances > January 12: 71st Annual Golden Globe Awards – HBO Official After Party [+7]