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Above Suspicion

Emilia as Susan Smith
Solo: A SW Story

Emilia as Qi'Ra
Game Of Thrones

Emilia as Daenerys
Last Christmas

Emilia as Kate

Yesterday (June 09) the site celebrated 7 years online! For thanking all the fans for sticking with us for all this time, I’ve posted some exclusive outtakes of various old photoshoot. Be sure to check them out and enjoy this little gift!

We’ll keep following Emilia’s career and we’ll keep you update with all her new projects and stuff. The site has been following her since the first season of Game of Thrones back in 2011, when she was pretty much unknown, and now she has a Star Wars movie on her resumee! We’re so very proud of her and can’t wait to see what the future will bring after the Game of Thrones adventure ends. I’m sure it has big plans for her!

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May 30, 2018  Nicole Photo Gallery Public Appearances

Last night (May 29) Emilia attended the 2018 American Songbook Gala held at the Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center in New York City, honoring HBO’s Chief Executive Officer Richard Plepler.

She also performed “The Way You Look Tonight”, she has a wonderful voice! Some videos from her performance could be seen on Instagram or YouTube, just look for her name.

Several photos from the evening have now been added to the gallery but be sure to keep the site twitter @EmiliaClarkeNet checked in case of more additions!

Public Appearances > 2018 Appearances > May 29 – Lincoln Center’s American Songbook Gala [+58]
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Yesterday morning (May 23) Emilia was also guest at Live With Kelly and Ryan, always while promoting Solo: A Star Wars Story. You can find some photos from the episode in our gallery (just a few) and a funny behind the scenes video poster on the show instagram @LiveKellyAndRyan below!

Watch a bit of the interview where Emilia says she’s planning to get a dragon tattoo on her wrist as in honor of Daenerys Targaryen!

Yesterday morning (May 23) Emilia was guest at Good Morning America! She looked gorgeous, with a brand new hair cut! And while there talked mostly about her role as Qi’Ra in Solo: A Star Wars Story, but also a bit about Game of Thrones.

In the gallery you can now find some stills from the episode, and below you can watch her interview! Enjoy :)

TV & Radio: Apperances and Interviews > 2018 – Good Morning America! (May 23) [+11]

On Tuesday, May 22, Emilia was guest at Late Night with Seth Meyers. She looked really amazing and was really funny like always! In the interview she talks about meeting Prince William earlier this year, her role in Solo: A Star Wars Story and, of course, a little about Game of Thrones.

In the gallery you can find some stills from the episode, and below you can watch her bit during the show! Enjoy :)

TV & Radio: Apperances and Interviews > 2018 – Late Night with Seth Meyers (May 22) [+8]

VANITY FAIR – On a rainy April afternoon, Emilia Clarke enters the bright, airy Egyptian galleries of the Metropolitan Museum of Art the way so many movie-lovers before her have: quoting Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally. Adopting the unsourceable accent Crystal uses opposite Meg Ryan in a famously improvised scene filmed in this very room, Clarke starts stuttering, “Pah-pah-paprikash.” Our amused if bewildered guide, too young to get the reference, adds the 1989 rom-com to her list of movie recommendations from Clarke, who has already gushed about the 2017 religious drama Novitiate. Chuckling over this unlikely double feature, Clarke assures her, “You have two incredible movies coming your way.”

One reference the guide does get: Game of Thrones, the HBO juggernaut which stars Clarke as its most unstoppable heroine, Daenerys Targaryen. In fact, the very tour we’re taking, put together by a company called Museum Hack, is based on the series, and offers a fan-friendly survey of the sometimes inscrutable displays of the Met. You don’t have to be an art historian (our guide is an aspiring actress) to understand what Greek fire, Damascus blades, heraldry, mutilated men, samurai kamon, the dragon-born St. Margaret of Antioch, and an early female pharaoh have to do with wildfire, Valyrian steel, house words, and Clarke’s world-famous alter ego.

And yet, despite her fame, Clarke has managed to spend a full half-hour in the museum sponging up our guide’s trivia without being spotted. For years, Clarke’s brown hair let her hide in plain sight, but she recently bleached it an icy Targaryen blond. So, why the invisibility? Maybe it’s her height. “We both have a thing about our stature not quite being what people expect,” says her co-star Kit Harington, who, at five feet eight, has six inches on Clarke. Maybe it’s her outfit—the gray overcoat, cream sweater, and jeans are a far cry from the cloaks and armor of Thrones. Or maybe it’s her bright, decidedly non-intimidating personality. “When I’m goofing around with my pals, I’m unrecognizable,” she says. Harington calls Clarke’s humor “naughty,” and it’s certainly true that her informal, expletive-laced banter is a far cry from Daenerys’s imperious tones. “Sometimes, if I’m in a really bad mood,” Clarke notes, “people are like, ‘Khaleesi!’ ”

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