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Above Suspicion

Emilia as Susan Smith
Solo: A SW Story

Emilia as Qi'Ra
Game Of Thrones

Emilia as Daenerys
Five Times In One Night

Emilia as ???

When 24-year-old Emilia Clarke found out she’d been cast in HBO’s cult fantasy hit Game of Thrones, she was thrilled…and a little petrified. “It was like, Great, I’m getting my dream job! Wait a second—I have to have my boobs out all the time?” says the British actress about her oft-nude character, Daenerys Targaryen, an exiled princess who’s vying for control of a warring world. Now Clarke’s the pinup girl for fantasy nerds everywhere. “My hair is brown, and Daenerys is a blond, so that allows me to hide!” Clarke says. Game of Thrones’ first season was capped by a thrilling final scene in which Daenerys emerged from ashes, breast-feeding one of her three baby dragons (yes, it was as crazy and fabulous as it sounds). “The dragons were CGI, so I was just butt naked on a cliff, with a brightly colored toy in one hand and dots painted all over me. I had to use my imagination for that one.”

The show returns April 1, and great news: “In season two, I get to wear clothes!” says Clarke. “I’m super happy.”


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Photoshoots > Session #013 [+1]

A new Game of Thrones Season 2 Trailer is out, I think it’s my favorite! What do you think??

Also the screencaps have been added to the gallery

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March 04, 2012  Isabelle Game Of Thrones Multimedia Videos

Hello netters! I’ve come across this video from the S1 DVD launch party for “Game of Thrones”, featurering interviews with various cast and crew members. Everyone looks fantastic! Our Emilia in particular. I’ll add screencaptures to the gallery as soon as possible.

Make sure you don’t miss Nicole’s amazing scans update below!


March 04, 2012  Nicole Magazine Scans Photo Gallery

Thanks to Katie, we could add the scans from the March 15th issue of the Rolling Stone Magazine! Emilia (and the other cast members featured in the article) looks amazing!

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Magazine Scans > 2012 – Rolling Stone Magazine, March 15 [+3 credits for the scans go to Katie, thanks again!]

March 03, 2012  Nicole Magazine Scans Photo Gallery

Thanks to Mariana, we added to the gallery the scans of the April issue of GQ Magazine, Emilia looks fabulous!

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Magazine Scans > 2012 – GQ Magazine, April [+2]

March 02, 2012  Isabelle Game Of Thrones Graphic Updates Icons

Hello netters! As promised earlier today, I have another update for you all today. I know many of you miss seeing Emilia as Daenerys on your screens every week, and are desperate for April and season 2 to come – so am I! Therefore, I decided to put togheter a massive Game of Thrones icons update to help with your withdrawels. I tried out some new colorings (quite bright ones this time), and I hope you’ll like ’em!

Stay tuned here at Adoring for many more updates this weekend, including more icons and other types of graphics. I’ll also work on our information section, which majorly needs to be updated! We’ll also have a surprise up for you sometime soon, which I think you’re all going to l-o-v-e. ;)